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Alex & Family, Arizona Truck A/C & Repair

Alex has an extensive background in the heavy duty truck industry. He began his journey with West - Mec education in high school. He received his certificate in medium heavy duty diesel and his diploma.

He soon began working for Freightliner of Arizona where he stayed for a year and then made his transition to Rush Peterbilt for two years. 

Soon after, he received a job offer at RWC International where he continued his journey for two years. 

For the next few years, Alex returned to Rush Peterbilt and joined their mobile service team. This is where he began to notice much room for improvement in the mobile service industry.

Now, Alex, dedicates his time to the growth of his own mobile service team, and hopes to continue to grow and continue to improve the industry.


Why We Are Better!

Arizona Truck A/C & Repair offers you the customer 24/7 on site repairs or road side emergency service avoiding dealer and shop turn around times. We understand the cost of being down. Our goal is to deliver the best quality service and turn around time. Our mobile team stands proud with the blue seal of excellence ready to serve your needs.


Arizona Truck A/C & Repair

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  •  Certified professional technicians
  • 24/7 Mobile Team